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Leather Care

Leather is inherently timeless and durable making it a good investment for years to come. With proper care, your leather bag or accessory can invariably stand the test of time. Here are a few tips to keeping your leather looking good over time.

Prevention is paramount in protecting leather. Before you take that new bag for a spin, make sure you spray it with a quality leather protector. It can act as a sealant and protector which may help protect against water damage while locking in natural moisture.

Routine maintenance to remove dirt is recommended to gently clean leather and remove build up of polishes and conditioners. We recommend an alcohol and oil free cleaner and carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Remember to always wipe off excess product and allow leather to dry.

Leather is a skin and moisture is essential to keeping it looking fresh and supple. To prevent drying and cracking, massage conditioner into your leather with a soft rag as often as needed depending on season and climate.

Accidents happen. If your leather gets too wet, be sure to dry it slowly. Fast drying leather with too much heat will change the chemical structure, leaving it stiff and dehydrated. Dry leather with gentle, room temperature air and be sure to dry flat to retain original shape.




  • When using leather protectors, cleaners and conditioners, always test on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  • Less is more. It is best to use small amounts of leather lotion, cleaner or conditioner. You can always apply more but too much at one time can stain your bag.
  • Keep makeup, pens and liquids in impermeable bags in case of spills.
  • When storing, fill leather bags with bubble wrap in order to maintain the shape.




  • Do NOT store your leather bag/items in plastic.
  • Do NOT use mink oil or other oils. Oil becomes rancid and can deteriorate your leather.
  • Do NOT keep your leather products in front of a sunny window, in a hot car, etc. UV rays can lighten the leather color and lead to deterioration.