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How to choose a leather laptop bag?

Laptops are essential work tools today. For this reason, they need protection to avoid damage when we move them from one place to another. Protection that is provided by Clava with its leather laptop bags.

Clava has different models in order to provide the best option for each person when they want to protect the laptop and look good at the same time.

Remember that laptops are portable devices, so that you can use them anywhere, without the need to be tied to a chair and a desk in a certain place. But you can look amazing while you cover the laptop with a leather laptop bag from Clava.

Choosing the proper leather laptop bag? 

Each laptop has a different size, features and configuration, as well as the style of its owner. Therefore, for the selection of the ideal bag, the following criteria must be taken into account:

  • The size, shape and weight of the laptop.
  • Style and color of the bag.
  • The laptop’s accessories. 
  • The presence or absence of protective objects in the bag. 

What models of leather laptop bags does Clava have?

Leather briefcases

They have a rectangular shape, which adapts to the size of the laptop, some have short handles, others with a long one, and most have both modes of transport like the Executive Leather Flap Laptop Briefcase. Giving you a professional and elegant style.

Leather backpacks

These are ideal for people who have a more active style, because they can hold it on the shoulders. Making it easier to carry the balance and weight on the back, in the many models Clava has the Leather City Laptop Backpack, with it you will show the taste for fashion. 

It is not about choosing a protective case for your laptop. It is also choosing a leather laptop bag that suits your style.