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What size duffel bag do I need?

Leather Duffel bags are a great choice for hand luggage when traveling because they are flexible, strong, durable and have multiple compartments. They are practical and functional accessories that can make your trip easier and more convenient.

However, the travel company you are using may have specific requirements for using a leather duffel bag as hand luggage, including size and weight limits. These requirements may vary depending on the mode of transportation you are using for your trip. It is important to consider these characteristics when selecting a leather duffle bag to use as hand luggage.

What is the maximum size of Leather Duffle Bag when traveling?

The size of hand luggage may vary depending on  the mode of transportation you are using. However, many companies have a standard maximum size of up to 60 linear inches. 

Clava offers two leather duffel bags models - the large leather barrel duffel and the XL leather duffel w- shoe pocket - which have maximum dimensions of 21 x 12 x 10 inches and are suitable for long trips or for those who only need to bring the essentials.  

These models are designed to fit comfortably in the designated storage compartments on various forms of transportation. It is important to check the size and weight limits of your luggage before your trip and ensure that your bag meets these requirements.