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Can you use a duffel bag as checked luggage?

Leather Duffel bags are a practical and versatile choice for business people and for travelers. One question that often arises is whether it is possible to use a duffel bag as checked luggage. 

The answer is yes, but you must consider the regulations for travelers at airports and other transportation hubs. In many cases, duffel bags can be used as hand luggage and stored in the overhead compartment of an airplane. However, it is always important to check with the specific transportation company or airport to ensure that your duffel bag meets their requirements for size and other guidelines.

Always verify the weight and dimensions of the leather duffel bag

To avoid any issues during your trip it is important to check the weight and size limits for luggage with your preferred airline.

Most airlines have a standard maximum size of around 60 linear inches. With that in mind Clava offers two models of leather duffel bags that are perfect for short trips and easy to carry:  executive leather duffel and multi-compartment leather duffel bags

Duffel bags are a popular choice for many travelers because they are larger than a backpack but smaller than traditional luggage, allowing you to easily carry the essentials and move around comfortably. Be sure to check out Clava's new collection of stylish and elegant leather duffle bags for your next trip!