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How to clean black leather bag at home?

Leather is one of the most used materials to manufacture bags and wallets is leather, due to its long duration and texture. This material is essential for both women and men. 

For that reason, it is necessary to know how to clean black leather at home to take advantage of the useful life of this type of fabric. We are going to mention some practical and easy methods that you can do for cleaning and care of your black leather bag


Baby shampoo with warm water for stained areas

In a clean glass or plastic mug, you can mix a little baby shampoo with warm water. Then, with a wiper moistened with this mixture, gently pass it over the dirty or stained area until there is no trace of it. Finally, use a clean, dry wiper to remove any traces of the cleaning solution.


Hand cream for clean leather

If you have a hand cream at home, you can moderately apply it to a wiper and spread it over the dirty area. Finally, with another dry wiper, remove the remains of the cleaning product. Not only will the stain be removed, but it will brighten the black leather naturally.


Something that you must consider before carrying out any method of cleaning for black leather is to first read the indications of the cleaning product. In addition to doing a small test on an imperceptible area of the black leather bag.